Meet the Cast: Adele Brammer

We love welcoming new members into our group especially ones who have famous celebrities in their family! We chat to star of stage and screen Alastair Brammers sister Adele, one of our newest members.

How long have you been in Emco?

I joined to help out with Pirates of Penzance at the end of January.


2016Pirates-AdeleBrammer-smallWhat is your favourite role you have played? Why?

I have not yet taken part in any shows so I cannot pick a favourite yet!


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during a show/rehearsal?

I think it is probably when I try to dance and I cannot get my legs to go in the right place so I look like a clown!!


Give a brief description of the character you are playing.

I am one of the many daughter  - looking very prim and pretty!


What would your dream role be?

I am not sure what my exact dream role will be but I would love a role with lots of singing because singing makes me feel happy!


What musical sums up your life? Why?

I would say The Sound Of Music because I am one of 7 and we are all really close and get on fantastically!


What would your character use as a chat up line?

I think she would offer a man an Earl Grey tea and talk about the weather!


What's most challenging about your role?

The timing of the dancing!


What do you love/hate about your character?

I love how girly my character is!


What is your pre show routine?

I don’t have one as such yet but I would imagine lots of practice would make perfect!


Tell me why people should come and watch this show.

The show contains a lot of comedy and has something interesting for everyone. I would highly recommend it as some of the songs are dancing is fantastic!


'Pirates of Penzance' runs 7th to 11th June at Exmouth Pavilion - Tickets are still available, here.