Broadway Edition: What's the fuss?

2016music1As Exmouth Musical Theatre Company gear up for their June production of 'Pirates of Penzance', the exciting changes that make for the 'Broadway Edition' are becoming more evident with every rehearsal. 2016music2From the extra verses, choruses and reprises throughout the score, to the addition of some completely new pieces, Gilbert and Sullivan's reworking of their own show promises devotees a traditional G & S experience whilst also containing enough additional enrichments to have enthusiasts seeing the show anew.

2016music3'Broadway Pirates' contains two completely extra songs – “Sorry Her Lot” from HMS Pinafore and “It Really Doesn’t Matter” from Ruddigore.

2016music4The original overture is replaced by a short introduction that leads straight into the action, and a whole host of songs from the original musical now contain dance breaks and opportunities not originally scored. This leads to what is often described as more swashbuckling leading men, with more musically comedic interpretations throughout the characterisations.

2016music5With additional orchestral material, a number of additional key changes build the emotional pace of the score, and allow for several new reprises, including notably the Major General's song at the end, as part of the original 'New York' ending that had been removed over time. 2016music6This rescored version of 'Pirates of Penzance' was universally well received, gathering seven Tony award nominations (and winning three), eight Drama Desk Awards (winning five) and a bevy of glowing reviews.

2016music7We hope you enjoy our performance of this slapstick, touching and heart-warming tale, as EMCo share the Broadway 'Pirates of Penzance' with Exmouth this June

2015 pirates poster slantL


Tickets are still available for some performances; the show runs 7th till 11th June 2016 - book tickets or enquire here.