Meet the Cast: Lance Vernon

For the first of our principal interviews meet Lance Vernon playing Che - a regular Exmouth Musical Theatre Company performer who tells us why it's important to always get your lyrics right.....

How did you prepare for your audition?

I sang it in the car constantly - motorway journeys became quite entertaining!


2010hellodolly10What's the most challenging part about your role?

My costume changes... Bazinga!


What's the funniest thing that has happened during rehearsal?

We were rehearsing Good night and thank you where Eva ends her relationship with Magaldi (and other men) and I'm supposed to sing "Do up your trousers and go!". Unfortunately I sang "Take off your trousers and go!" - whoops!


What's the scariest thing that has happened to you in any performance?


During The Witches of Eastwick performance the bed broke....with me on didn't end well!


Which musical theatre performer do you admire and why?

Craig Butler - hes's my hero! (There are a lot of Bromances within Exmouth Musical Theatre Company)


Who is the funniest person in the cast and why?

This has Chris Bateman written all over it! All you have to do is talk to him and you will know why!



Apart from performing, what's another skill that you have?

Eating a lot of KFC - yum! (other fast food chains are available)


What night of show week is your favourite?

Definitely opening night - there is such a buzz backstage and the adrenalin keeps you going!


Why should people come and watch the show?

The music is so beautiful and we all put in so much work rehearsing and preparing it for the public. I really feel that the people of Exmouth are going to enjoy this one xxx

'Evita' comes to Exmouth Pavilion from the 22nd to 26th November 2016. '#VotePeron' and buy your tickets from the box office on 01395 222477 or online at