Meet The Cast: Frankie Parry

How did you prepare for your audition?


I didn't know the show at all so I listened to the latest Broadway recording over and over again.


What’s the most challenging part about your role?

My part of the Mistress is only on stage for a short time with one song which is great because you can focus solely on that but it also means I only have that one chance to show my character to the audience - a lot of pressure to get it right!


What’s the funniest things that’s happened in rehearsal?


There's a line we sing "so share my glory, so share my coffin" but I sang instead "so share my coffee" - it's supposed to be quite a poignant moment which was ruined by lots of giggling from my faux pas!


What's the scariest thing that has happened to you in any performance/rehearsal?


I was performing in Les Miserables and I kept getting changed into my next costume too early which  led to many frantic quick changes back into costumes I'd already taken off - I was terrified I wouldn't get on stage in the right costume which led to some choice words being spoken back stage.....

Which musical theatre performer do you admire and why?

Bette Middler - she's awesome!


Who is the funniest person in the cast and why?

Hugh Chudley - he's really quick witted and full of funny comments!



Apart from performing, what’s another skill that you have?

Well where do I start.... no seriously. I'm really quite good at fishing and being a lad, working at Porsche helps me embrace my tom boy side!   


What night of show week is your favourite?

Saturday night - it's the end of the run and you can really go for it - also much better than staying in and watching Saturday night television!


Why should people come and watch the show?

We spend so much time putting hard work, effort and energy to create a phenomenal show we would all be heartbroken if people didn't come and watch it. 


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'Evita' comes to Exmouth Pavilion from the 22nd to 26th November 2016. '#VotePeron' and buy your tickets from the box office on 01395 222477 or online at