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A Matter of Principle: Company Interview with Frankie Parry


With each week our impending production 'Pirates of Penzance' draws closer. This article begins a new regular online feature to get to know our principles, company and production team. We hope you enjoy this first interview with Frankie Parry, the actress playing 'Mabel'. Interview by Rachel Hiland.

How long have you been in Emco?

Since January 2014 -it's flown by! ! 

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you during a show/rehearsal?

There are too many inside jokes to remember...

P1080035bwGive a brief description of the character you are playing.

Mabel is a young, innocent, slightly self-centred daughter of a major general who quickly falls head over heels in love with a pirate, but things don't work out as easily as they first expected...


What would your dream role be?

I honestly have no idea! But after singing Roxie in the last concert I would love to be in “Chicago”

What's most challenging about your role?

Gilbert & Sullivan is very operatic and my character has a lot of extremely high notes. It's very challenging, but that's one of the things I like about it. 

What do you love/hate about your character?

She's quite full of herself but I think she's naive really - nothing like me…honest!

What is your pre show routine?

I'm sure everyone will agree that it's trying to make sure that I actually get ready on time! There's a lot of face to put on! 

Tell me why people should come and watch this show.

We work so very hard for months at a time to ensure we have a great show for our local community to watch. We don't get paid for it, but we do it because we love it and we want people to enjoy an evening of great entertainment –plus this shows hilarious!



Next time...

Mike Killoran, the (...very model of a Modern...)  Major General tells Rachel about his 40 years with EMCo, the comic moments on stage and off, and his self professed obsession with uniforms.

March Madness: A Hero is Found!

Charlie01-emailFollowing an exhaustive search across the seven seas, the merry pirate band at Exmouth Musical Theatre Company are finally united with a hero worth waiting for. Exmouth local Charlie Leigh has now leapt into the breach as their swashbuckling and dashing hero, Frederic for their upcoming production of 'Broadway Pirates of Penzance'. The part of Frederic sees Charlie as a pirate apprentice who, believing he has reached the end of his indenture, falls for the Major General (Mike Killoran)'s daughter, Mabel (Frankie Parry).


He quickly realises that due to his leap year birthday, he has another sixty-three years to serve, and a host of comical and calamitous adventures ensue. Gilbert and Sullivan's classic musical is here given the 'Broadway Edition' treatment, with several additional songs, a reconstructed ending and a host of orchestral enrichments that only their live band will do justice. It promises to be a night to remember and is showing at Exmouth Pavilion between June 7th and 11th, with a Saturday matinee on the 11th.

In a fit of 'March Madness' to celebrate their heroic find, EMCo are offering a £2 discount off all adult tickets, for the whole of March. Up until the 31st March, tickets will be £15 for raised seating and £13 for seats on the flat. Additionally, all matinee tickets will be £10 and children's tickets only £5 for all performances.
Visit the Pavilion website to view available tickets.

Holding Out For a Hero...

2016Pirates-Frankie01Exmouth Musical Theatre Company are delighted to be back with a bang for the show stopper that is the Broadway version of The Pirates of Penzance.  This take on one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular shows spins a hilarious farce of sentimental pirates (right), bumbling policemen, dim-witted young lovers, dewy-eyed daughters and an eccentric Major-General (below left), all morally bound to the often ridiculous dictates of honour and duty.  2016Pirates-MikeH01The beauty, wit and whimsy of this classic light opera is suffused with a modern sensibility which leave audiences smiling all the way to the end.


However, as Exmouth Musical Theatre Company prepare to set sail for a voyage of sword fights and truncheon waving they find themselves one crew member short!  As yet they have been unable to cast the part of the handsome hero Frederic.  The lovely Mabel (played by Frankie Parry, above right) is looking for love and that special someone to sweep her off her feet! 


Exmouth Musical Theatre Company are looking for a tenor who can dance and is available to appear in the show for the week of 6th June 2016.  Rehearsals are held on Mondays and Thursdays.  For more details please contact Michelle Chudley on 01395 267459 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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